Lefteris Paraskevas was born in Volos, Greece in 1975.
He lives and works in Athens. A former hairstylist, he now organizes mountain
trail races and sports event. He currently works as a project manager at
‘TEVACOM’ and is responsible for putting together mountain trail races and
more (TIHIO races,
He is married and has a 6-year-old son.
Lefteris is a former swimming champion and former Member of the Greek
National Swimming. He has been a water polo athlete for almost 30 years
now and is still an active player.
His journey as a triathlete started in 2011, when he participated in his first
Triathlon Race, Ironman-Bolton. Other triathlon races such as Celtman,
Ultraman followed, along with many major local triathlon races and open
water swimming challenges. Lefteris has always used his athletic challenges
as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for charity organizations
supporting children and those in need.
In Spring-Summer 2015, Lefteris launched his charity campaign, “The Extra
Mile”, which included 4 major athletic challenges leading up to the ultimate
and most extreme triathlon in the world, the Enduroman “Arch to Arc”. In July
2015, Lefteris ran, swam and cycled a total distance of 463.5 km, starting at
the Marble Arch in London and crossing the finish line at L’Arc de Triumph in
Paris. While he was forced to abandon his race during the crossing of the
English Channel, he still managed to continue and finish his effort in Paris
even though he was disqualified. His campaign ended with important amount
of crowd funding money and with a deeply moving documentary.
In summer 2016, Lefteris surpassed his self again by launching his second
charity campaign, “GR10 Pyrenees Walk”. He managed to cross The
Pyrenees Mountains from the Mediterranean to Atlantic Ocean in 20 days, all
by himself, while crowd funding for the ESTIA Institute. His campaign ended
successfully, providing help to ESTIA and with a documentary of the effort for
that cause.
In Spring-Summer 2017, Lefteris was part of “Nepal Project” charity
campaign. Along with Nikolaos Mangitsis, Maria Saridou, Vassilis
Sfakianopoulos, Christos Karamanis and Petros Nousias, they went to the
Himalayas [from Nepal Side] in order to accomplish 2 different goals.
Nikolaos’ goal was to climb to Pisang Peak and Lefteris’ goal was to break the
Annapurna Circuit route record [which was 72 hours]. Lefteris managed to do
so in 68 hours, breaking the record. The Nepal project campaign produced a
documentary consisting of 3 episodes while ran a number of charity events in
support of Kivotos Tou Kosmou.
Later the same year, Lefteris entered and participated the TV reality survivor
show NOMADS.

In 2018 he participated in Frozen Peaks, 268 elm mountain trail running race.
Lefteris finished the race in 69 hours ranking at 12th place.
Also the same year, he organized “Pet Run”, a charity run to raise money,
medication and food for the Animal Association Volunteers in Kapandriti,
whilst in 2019, he managed the same for a charity run called “Little Paws for a
Last but not least, in 2019, along with Thomas Roumpas, he crossed the
Corsica Mountains in 20 days.
By pushing his own personal physical and psychological limits, Lefteris aims
to raise public awareness and motivate people to go that extra mile in their
philanthropic consciousness and civic engagement.